April 14, 2012

Koreans & food

First off, let me just say my favorite part of Korea so far has been the food, hands down. I've always been a fan of Korean food, but in California, Korean food is pricey and you have to drive quite a ways for some good stuff. But here-- it's EVERYWHERE (because duh- it IS Korea) and it is pretty darn cheap. Needless to say- I am in food heaven over here!

But this is not my reason for this post. My reason for this post is that I've come to a realization-- Koreans can EAT! Where they put it all in their small bodies perplexes me!

Here are the few instances which have helped me come to this realization:

1. A few weekends ago we went out with some co-workers, a couple of them are Korean. First we went to eat dinner. Then after dinner, we went to a karaoke place (which was awesome- we got our own room complete with a disco ball and everything- legit!!). MORE food was ordered-- so we stuffed ourselves even more while singing lovely tunes from Ace of Base, Justin Beiber, etc. etc.

2. Last Friday we had a staff meeting. After work, everyone went to this all-you-can-eat buffet. It was really awesome because all the tables had a little grill and you go and choose which meat you want and you just cook it right there at your table. We were there for about 2 and a half hours-- we were all pretty stuffed to the brim.

After dinner, we all went back to the school for the meeting. We spent the first hour or so introducing ourselves. After that was over, there was a small break, and small snacks-- chips and dried squid-- and even beer was brought out. THEN during another break-- ice cream and chicken was brought out! Me and Jason were in shock- but happy- that all this was being fed to us, when not too long ago we had stuffed ourselves at a buffet. And everyone ate... and again, I was thinking "Where do these small women put all this food!!"

Snacks, ice cream, beer-- at our staff meeting.

And chicken!!

3. Last night we went out with our co-workers again. We went to another all-you-can-eat place in which you choose your meats and cook it on the grill at your table. We were there for quite a while. Maybe an hour and a half into the meal, when everyone- or so I thought- was slowing down a bit, I look over and one of the girls (who is very skinny, might I add!) has this HUGE pile of beef-- like no joke HUGE. I was quite impressed. I looked over at Jason and I said "Koreans know how to get down!"

What I've learned about Koreans and food is that it's a social thing. When you're socializing, there's always food present. I also learned that not very many of them eat meat on a regular basis, hence why they were eating so much at the buffet-- gotta get their protein in!

Anyways, Jason and I are eating pretty well over here and we're enjoying it.

Here are a few more food pictures:
Food at the food court is even really good here!

This place has meat on sticks and the coal grill has a contraption that rotates the skewers for you. So yummy! We ate Easter dinner here.

We found a good Vietnamese place by our house. Their pho is good!

King-sized bowls of Korean noodle soup.

We get our pizza fix in once in a while.
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