March 23, 2012

Week 3 = done

Another week down! Yay! I look forward to every single Friday. The work week for me is pretty tough dealing with kids all day for 5 days straight. I have at least one difficult student in each class (in a couple, I have multiple difficult students). But in one of my 2nd grade classes, they're all good students, so it's a good break from the tough classes.

On weekends, Jason and I just like to veg out and do as little as possible. We're at work for about 9 hours a day (some of our co-workers stay longer than that... we can't do that. Once 6pm hits, we want to be out of there ASAP). Usually on Fridays we like to go out after work. Then Saturdays and Sundays we do whatever we want.

Anyways, here's a few random shots I took with my iPhone throughout the last couple of weeks (because everyone likes to look at photos, right?):

Last night. Celebrating another week down with a date night and KBBQ.

This shows how our apartment is right next to a restaurant and like 10 yards from a Taekwondo studio

Last Friday, we went out with co-workers after work.

Found a good restaurant to get non-Korean type food. Jason got spaghetti, I got "Asian" style spaghetti with pork cutlets. Needless to say, mine was better.

Two of my Cherries. They're cute.

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