December 24, 2012

Birthday #20-something

Another birthday in the books for me! (and that is NOT an exclamation of excitement-- more of an exclamation of surprise. Ha.) I had a nice one this year. I woke up to my hubby giving me a gift certificate to the spa {score!}. It was an awesome surprise!

Then he cooked me a delicious, American breakfast (I kinda miss those).

While he was doing that, I was busy baking and getting some orders ready {I have a little business going on here that I'll discuss at another time!}. I really didn't want to work on my birthday, but I needed to get these orders done, so I sucked it up and ended up baking until late afternoon. Then in the evening, J dropped me off at the spa where I got a foot scrub, a full-body scrub, a massage AND a facial... it was 3 hours of HEAVEN!! I wanted to live at this place. It was my first time having a spa experience like that {I've only ever gotten massages and that's it- but never the whole spa-shabang}. It was AMAZING and I can't wait to go back.

Afterwards, J picked me up and went to eat dinner. We went to this place called Poolsite. It was quiet, only one other table was occupied, but the food was good. We had sizzling squid, sweet and sour fish, and lumpia.

After dinner, we came home and I had to bake some more (waahhhh!). Haha... but it was a very nice, relaxing, low-key birthday and I'm so grateful to have a husband who spoils me!

I'm also grateful for my family and friends who showed me some love-- it was indeed a very happy birthday.

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