July 20, 2013

The Boy Behind the Blog

My husband loves and supports me in everything I do, including my blogging. He smiles and gives me a look whenever I geek out over something that's happened to me and this blog. Sometimes he makes fun of me, but I know it's all love (or at least I like to think that).

I saw this "The Boys Behind The Blog" link-up and thought "Jason's not going to want to do this... it's way too silly for him..." but when I saw that it's only 5 questions, I thought it might be do-able. So I asked him, in my cute way that I do to convince him to do something for me, to just answer these 5 simple questions. He gave me the look, said I was silly, etc. etc.... but after a little more pleading, he obliged.

Here are his answers to this month's "The Boys Behind The Blog" questions. I told him he could write what he wanted- I wouldn't change a thing. So these are his answers, unaltered:

1. What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
    Steve Buscemi

2. What is your dream car?
    A converted, fully electric, 1988 Ford Bronco II with a body kit and a built in recording studio.

3. Do you have any tattoos? What, where, why?
    2 on my arm.  Filipino stuff.

4. Boxers or briefs?

5. List 3 random facts about yourself.
    a) I only wear deodorant for job interviews. b) Sometimes when I'm alone, I sing at the top of my lungs to Miley Cyrus songs. c) I'm 5'6" tall with big shoes on.

I love him because he always makes me laugh (even though the answers to these questions are true! Haha...)

Come join the fun here:
Boys Behind The Blog

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  1. This is a fun idea! Doubt my boyf would go for it though, haha!

    1. Haha... that's what I thought about my husband, too. But you just need to be persistent & he'll finally give in! ;)

  2. This is great! That last picture is hilarious! Your husband sounds so fun and supportive. Blogging is a totally different world, so that is awesome that he supports you in it. My husband has been pretty supportive, too. There are times when he rolls his eyes when I want to take yet another picture or get so excited about someone commenting on my blog. He knows it's something important to me, though, so he (usually:) smiles for another photo and says 'good for you' when I get excited. I try to act excited when he talks about his geeky electronics, so it's definitely a give and take. I wonder if my husband would do something like this on my blog...:) have a great day!

    1. Yes- it's definitely a give & take! I've grown accustomed to the eye rolls-- because I know I give him plenty, too! lol. I've seen posts like this where the significant other answers questions, but I was always so shy to ask my hubby. So finally I just did it & he actually (surprisingly!) agreed.


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