Bucket List

This is my LONG list of things I want to do before I kick the bucket:

Snorkeling in Palau at Jellyfish Lake
Fill my passport up with stamps before it expires
Visit every continent {so far 4 out of 7}
Go snorkeling
Go to India (& see the Taj Mahal!)
Walk on the Great Wall of China
Go to a virgin island
Wedding. Aug. 27, 2011
Get married
Start/own/run a hostel
Take a cooking class
Take a vacation with a group of my girlfriends
Go to Egypt
Go to Amsterdam
Participate in a protest in another country
Go to a football match {soccer}
Go to an American football (NFL) game
Eat arepas in Venezuela
Got my B.A.
Eat pho in Vietnam
Swim with dolphins
Be the subject of a photoshoot- if anyone can hook me up for free- let me know!! =)
Plant an herb garden
Get my bachelor's degree
Eat street tacos in Mexico
See the Grand Canyon
Try stand up paddleboarding
Parasailing. Boracay, Philippines
See the Northern Lights
Go parasailing
Eat sushi in Japan
Watch Erykah Badu perform
Eat a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia
Watch a FC Barcelona game (preferably at Camp Nou!)
Be in NYC on New Years Eve
Become fluent in Spanish
Party in Las Vegas
Go to the World Cup
KBBQ in Korea
Have a day at the spa to get pampered
Visit every U.S. State (so far: 17 out of 50)
Try being vegetarian for at least a week
Host someone from Couchsurfing
Be hosted by someone through Couchsurfing
Go to a music festival
Go ziplining
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Eat Korean BBQ in Korea
Set a goal weight & get there
Go to a taping of The Daily Show
Watch a meteor shower
Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef
Eat Thai food in Thailand
See Machu Picchu
Eat fish-n-chips in London
Tapas in Granada, Spain
Eat tapas in Spain
Hang glide
Go to Iran
Go to Burma
Go to all South & Central America countries (so far: 4 out of 19)
Ride an elephant
Swim with sea turtles
See the Colosseum in Italy
Try archery
Watch the sunrise & sunset in one day
Be a mentor
Adopt a dog from an animal shelter
Write my life story
Castle in Dublin, Ireland
Try acupuncture
Eat an insect (on purpose)
Cook every dish in a cookbook
See a real castle
Send a message in a bottle
Try fly-fishing
Ride a camel
Fly first-class
Take a trip on the Amazon river
Go to Cuba
Haggle at an open market
Eat pizza in Chicago
Visit all of the Hawaiian islands

{I'll update when I complete these and add when I think of more!}

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What's on YOUR list?


  1. Awesome List! We are hoping to go to India this year!

  2. Hi Leia,
    What an awesome list! I loved traveling... then I got married. LOL!!! However, I think I may have convinced my hubby to return with me to the Philippines since both our parents decided to retire out there. Hopefully, from the PI he'll have the courage to head out to Macau or Hong Kong :).


  3. "Be the subject of a photoshoot- if anyone can hook me up for free- let me know!! =)"
    I got this sister!


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