October 22, 2012


If you've ever listened to music, you know what an interlude is-- a short piece (usually either music or dialogue) inserted between songs on an album. It's an interruption, or sometimes a connection, of sorts to the flow of the songs. Of course the word not only applies to music, it can apply to other things as well.

Right now, my life is in its interlude.

We've been everywhere and back, going from one country to another. We've been living in the Philippines for 3 months now and we've decided we're going to live here for a while. We have a pretty good set up-- we have a nice house, we're surrounded by family, and we're taking a step forward to being more self-sustainable with our garden (being self-sustainable has been one of our goals for our lives).

So, Philippines is our interlude in our mixtape of traveling and always being on the go.

With this being said, this blog will now mainly consist of my endeavors/doings/adventures here as we start our home in the Philippines.

Since living here, my days have been filled with being a housewife. J is outside with his cousins working on the garden all day, I'm inside cooking, cleaning, doing laundry-- the whole deal. All I have to say is mad props to fellow housewives, especially those with kids. I now know it's no easy task. And I'm grateful for having the best example of a great housewife/homemaker my whole life-- my mother.

Anyways, I don't know how long this interlude will last... months? Years? Forever? Who knows.

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