December 27, 2012

Cali Girl Sweet Treats

.... is a go!

Since living here in Borongan, I've been baking quite a bit, trying out new recipes. Some have failed, but most have been pretty good. And there are a few things I've gotten really good at making.

At the beginning of December, I had made my Calamansi Brownies. We took some over to J's uncle and auntie's houses and they really enjoyed them. We took some to our family next door, and they loved them as well. After their first bites, they asked  me "Can I order some more?" and I said sure, and it's just taken off from there. After that day-- Cali Girl Sweet Treats was born! The calamansi brownies are a big hit, and so are my red velvet brownies. No one's even heard of red velvet here, so I'm glad I was the first to expose these people to the heavenly deliciousness that is red velvet {side note- I've discovered that red velvet from scratch is WAY BETTER than the boxed stuff. Seriously.} I also make peanut butter chocolate chip brownies, funfetti cookies, and calamansi crinkle cookies. It's a small menu right now, but I plan on trying out more recipes in the near future.
Thanks to the support of our family, they've been spreading the word. The week before Christmas up until Christmas Eve, I was baking ALL day. It was quite tiring, but I didn't mind because I enjoy baking and creating sweets that put smiles on peoples' faces & make their tummy's happy.

Orders & more orders!!
So, I'm pursuing my next business endeavor. Send the good vibes & some love my way that it all works out! =)

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