May 08, 2014

Swimsuit Season!

I feel it, y'all. The weather is warming up. I'm getting a lot more sunshine in my life these days. And it feels great! Warmer weather means summer is around the corner! And with warmer weather upon us, it means it's time to hit the beach!

Oh wait... Nashville doesn't have a beach. Bummer. BUT, we are going to be spending a week in the Caribbean at the end of this month. And I am really looking forward to it. I miss the beach. And I'm sure the beach misses me. =)

I've been browsing around the interwebs for cute (and affordable!) swimsuits. I'm into one pieces that have cute, sexy- but classy -cut outs, and even high-waisted bikinis. An important factor though, for me, is that it has to be able to keep my two ladies in place. Because an accidental pop out is not cute.

These are some swimsuits I really dig:

From Milanoo. $19.99
Milanoo. $24.99
Target. $29.99
Milanoo. $24.99
Target. $29.99
Etsy. $44.99
Etsy. $49.00
Sammy Dress. $11.48
Walmart. $32.96

These are just a few I found while skimming through Google search results. If you have any suggestions as to a website that sells cute & affordable swimsuits, please let me know! Are you looking for a swimsuit too? What style are you into?


  1. I love that orange and navy polka dot one, but the reviews say it's padded. I definitely don't need any help looking bigger in the chest- do you have any luck finding non-padded but supportive swimsuit tops?

    1. I'm going to go tomorrow. I know I will definitely need something with straps!!

  2. The target on is super cute! I'm a two-piece girl myself though. I can't wait for some good beach time!


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