July 19, 2012

We're in the Philippines!

Yes, it's true. We've moved to the Philippines. We've actually been here for a week. We came here to start a new adventure.

On Tuesday we came to the province where my family lives. The view of the Mayon Volcano while on the plane- and even when landing at the airport- was breath-taking (the picture below was taken right when we landed).

We're excited to be here! Since being married, this makes it the third country we've lived in (6th if you count the other countries we just visited) all before our 1-year anniversary (lived: Ecuador, South Korea, Philippines. + visited countries: Costa Rica, Peru & the States). We keep it movin!!

BUT the Philippines is a place we see ourselves living in for a LONG time, maybe even indefinitely. So we'll see what happens. . .


  1. Hi :-) when you mentioning that you r in the philippines. makes me interest to come visit there but to bad, almost my daughter school. after this year, we gonna move there for good. Hope to see you there someday. have a bliss weekend :-)

    1. Hi. Well I'll be here for a long time, maybe forever?? Where in the Philippines will you be living?

  2. Mostly my family belong in the Mindanao Island but My Husband like to live close to university School and good hospital service . One of us choose is in Visaya Area, like Cebu :-) So Hoping, pretty soon but the same time, I feel scared for my husband and daughter adjustment because of them is big time shock around in the Philippines. they are both don't know how to speak my dialog .... Take care and Enjoy your vacation there


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