July 28, 2012

Why the Philippines?

...and the answer-to make a long story short- is that we're helping my family open up a hostel!

It's always been my dream to run my own hostel, and this opportunity came up so we got out of South Korea early and headed to the Philippines. And I must say, it feels good to be living my dream.

We're currently in the painting stage of the hostel. We should be opening in about 3 weeks or so. More information and pictures will be coming soon.


  1. How's the philippines weather? I am so curious because right now here is super humid over 100 degree in Arkansas

    1. Here in Bicol it's been pretty nice-- since it's rainy season, it's been cloudy but not too hot.

  2. Finally,there is a very first hostel in Legaspi City in Bicol for backpackers. We're very thankful that you put hostel in Legaspi.


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