November 13, 2012

Introducing... Lala!

There's quite a few stray dogs that hang around the house and backyard. I don't mind, I like dogs and they keep creatures like snakes away (or so I like to tell myself). When we first moved here, there was one dog with two puppies. And the moment I saw them, I just had to have one. So a few weeks ago, I started to try and feed one of the puppies. She was braver of the two and wasn't afraid to come close to me to get some food.

Now, she stays and sleeps on our porch and she isn't scared of me, though she's still apprehensive when I try and get too close to her to pet her (I've only successfully petted her once- so we're working on that). She has some rough spots, especially on her neck where she has obviously been attacked by another dog. But, it makes her tough. She's our gangster jungle puppy!

I really want to pet her and train her, but I'm going to have to be patient-- she IS a wild animal.

She has a sweet little face and I love her big floppy ears.

Now we're trying to get her baby brother to not be so scared of us. He's doing better and comes around, but he's still not as brave as Lala.

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