November 23, 2012


Last year, J & I were in Ecuador for Thanksgiving. We went to this "gringo" bar and ate some amazing burgers and fries. And this year, we're in the Philippines. It makes me wonder- where will we be next year? =)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a little dinner that I cooked {and J helped too}. Luckily it was just us two and I didn't have to cook a lot of food, so I wasn't slaving over the stove for too long. I also made my very first pie from scratch. It was pumpkin pie, of course. Everything tasted amazing.
As we ate, we talked about what we're thankful for and something we're both really thankful for is our family and friends and all the love and support they give us. We're truly blessed to have such an amazing group of people that love us and support us in so many ways-- no matter how far apart we may be in the world. (So, if you're one of our friends or family members reading this-- we're thankful for you & we love you!)

{Green bean casserole, whole chicken, pumpkin pie, pandesal, mashed potatoes&gravy}

{My first ever from-scratch pie}

Then after dinner, some cousins came over and we played ping pong and card games all night. It was a fun Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday. And remember to be thankful- 24/7, 365.

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