March 13, 2012

This week's menu: kimchi bacon fried rice/spaghetti aglio/chicken sweet potato fries

Jason and I work until 6pm everyday. By the time we get home, we're pretty tired. So this weekend we  decided we should cook a lot of food on Sunday and then eat it during the week. And I've been on Pinterest A LOT lately (follow me here) and seeing all these delicious recipes made me want to cook. So we headed to the open market and grocery store on Sunday and came back with a lot of goodies.

I cooked Spaghetti Aglio, which is a recipe I found on Pinterest. This recipe is so simple, but tastes so good. It's good for the garlic lovers. Find the recipe here.

The next thing I cooked for us to eat for the week is kimchi bacon fried rice. I came across this lady's blog who cooks Korean food. She has a lot of recipes I want to try, but I figured I should start with an easy one first. This one is also really simple and really good. I love kimchi. I love fried rice. So the two together is heaven. Get the recipe here.

We have a few sweet potatoes left and I wanted to use them before they spoiled. So on Saturday, I cooked something I like to call Chicken Sweet Potato Fries (a little variation of carne asada fries). All I did was cut up the sweet potato, soak it for 2 minutes, fry them up, then I added some sesame oil and sesame seeds. Then I cut up some chicken breasts and cooked them up with soy sauce, lemon, honey, spicy sauce, and a little herbs and salt. Then I topped the fried sweet potatoes with the chicken and served it with some fried dumplings and kimchi:

Well, we'll see what we cook for next week. I'm excited to try new recipes!

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