September 18, 2012

On to our next adventure.

Yes, it's true. We're moving again.

Our main role for the hostel in Legazpi City was to be "consultants"- setting up the business, doing the advertising, website, hostel design, etc. We completed all our tasks and we've got the hostel up and running. And we have some other opportunities in Samar-- where Jason's family lives-- so we've decided to take advantage. (Of course, things are a little more complicated that that-- but that's just a breakdown.)

We're riding our scooter all the way. Right now we're in a city called Catbalogan. We decided to stop here for the night because my butt hurts-- we've been riding for 9 hours. Then tomorrow we head to our final destination- Borongan. Our new home. Here's a map of how far we're riding (a total of about 260 miles):

More updates to come.

1 comment :

  1. I have no idea in luzon Area. But got tempted me seeing your photo's so beautiful views. I wanna come there someday....I been dreams to come see Baquio city... Enjoy


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