September 20, 2012

The real deal

We've made it to Borongan! It seemed like a long trip on our scooter, but it's all worth it to be at our new home. We've been here since Wednesday morning and we've been cleaning up the house. And it's all so exciting.

BUT, I really need to get some things off my chest about the whole hostel thing. Many of my friends and family "like" the hostel's Facebook page and see the hostel's website. They see what's going on with the hostel. Jason and I have worked really hard on everything for the hostel. Really hard. But things weren't working out between us and a couple of my family members. We were constantly bumping heads and it just wasn't worth it anymore. Jason and I worked hard, and one person did NOTHING and takes credit for stuff. It's really irritating. And we had to get out of there before things got any worse.

So that's the biggest reason we had to leave. And the other reason we left was because Jason's dad has land here in Samar (the island just south of Luzon) and so Jason will be developing it for him. He's going to make it into an organic farm. As for me, I plan to dabble with a few ideas I have, along with helping Jason. We're much happier and stress free (and drama free!) here. It's going to be good. We plan on staying here for a very long time (we're even getting a puppy!).

So with all this being said, if you "like" the hostel's Facebook and see something dumb posted- that was not mine or Jason's doing. If you see something change on the website, that wasn't our doing either. We've given complete control of everything to others and have no control over anything pertaining to the hostel anymore. It's kind of a bummer, but also a relief. Through this hostel experience we learned a few things: me and Jason have the ability and talent to open up and run a successful hostel, it takes a lot of hard work but it's definitely doable, and we were able to see some true colors of some people. You live and you learn.

But don't worry my people, Jason and I still have plans to set up another hostel some time within the next few years. We're doing some research and business planning. We're going to make the next one bigger and better-- because everything will be done 110% OUR way. It'll be awesome. Stay tuned.

(I did not write this post for any other reason than to let our close friends and family know what's really going on)

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