February 16, 2013

Monthly Photo Journal: January - February 2013

Left to right, top to bottom: A nice dusk, sunset view from our backyard.// Me & Prada. // Fendi napping. // The makeshift grill Jason rigged up. // Jason grilling some chicken on the grill. // My favorite fruit- mangosteen. // I planted some wheatgrass- it was already sprouting the next day. // The wheatgrass after 5 days. // We harvested some of the wheatgrass & made a smoothie-- it was pretty tasty. // A day at the beach. // We went to Tacloban for a visa run and played legit BINGO for the first time {we didn't win} // Jason playing an arcade game. // I won big at this game-- the 150 ticket grand prize! // We had a lot of tickets and this kid was following us around "helping" us, so I made his day and gave him all of our tickets {in exchange for a picture, lol} // On the van ride back home, crossing the bridge from Leyte back to Samar.

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