February 06, 2013

Free recipe organizer software!

I have had nothing but time on my hands since we've moved to the Philippines. It's actually been pretty nice- doing what I want to do, no stress because work, getting to spend all day (and night) with my husband.... I am taking full advantage of our situation right now because I know it won't last forever and we'll be back on the working grind again soon.

My recent interest in cooking has been making me spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Foodgawker finding recipes. I pin and save so many recipes on a daily basis- I have hundreds. And although I know I won't make every single one, I do plan on trying most of them {when I have the resources}.

The other day, I decided I wanted to organize all the recipes I want to try into a program that I could use offline and that would allow me to print the recipes if I wanted to. First I thought about doing it through a word processing program, like OpenOffice. But I didn't like the fact that I would have to open a new document for every recipe. So then I did some research online for free cookbook software-- and I found one that fit my wants and needs called “Cookbook Portable”. And yes- it is 110% FREE and I really like it.
Cookbook Portable is a very simple and user-friendly program and it has been working great for me! There's no fancy-schmancyness to it- it's basic and gets the job done. All the recipes are stored in one central location, inputting information is quick and painless, you can add multiple photos per recipe, and it has a print feature. Another thing I like is that you can enter the source of the recipe.

Below I have made a screenshot of the program and its features:

  1. You can sort recipes by categories. You can also add, delete and edit categories to what you want.
  2. When you choose a category from the drop-down menu, the recipes labeled with that category will show up in this white box.
  3. This is where you enter the recipe information: name, ingredients, and preparation. I just copy and paste the information from the recipes' websites.
  4. This is where you can upload pictures. I like to take the ones from the websites so I know what the end-result 'should' look like.
  5. You can add additional recipe information here. This is also where I put the website where I got the recipe from (“source”) to give credit to the original authors AND to have it just in case I need to go back to the original recipe for one reason or another.
  6. These are all the categories. You can tick as many boxes as you want for each recipe and when you come back to it, the categories in which the recipe is labeled will be at the top.
  7. This is where you add, delete, and/or print recipes. You can also add recipes to a “Recipe Box” which is just a place where specified recipes are centrally located and is totally optional to use (I don't use this feature- well, not yet anyway).

A couple of other features include:
  • Menu feature: You can make menus from your recipes, which would be convenient for party-planning or weekly meal planning.
  • Once you download the program, you can install it in different languages (including Spanish, French, German, etc.)

As you can see, it's really easy to use. One thing I don't know is how many recipes it can hold. I've tried searching for answers, but was unsuccessful. Maybe it's unlimited? Right now I have close to 100 recipes stored and hopefully it will let me store a lot more!

If you want to install Cookbook Portable, just click on this link:

{Also, when you install it, it might be called something like “kochbuch-portable1.7.1” (at least for me it was). Don't worry- I think it's just the name of the program in its original language.}

If you have any questions or concerns, I will try my best to help you out!

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