March 28, 2013

Adventure Time: Talubagnan Cave

We live on the island of Samar in the Philippines. This island is known for its caves.

Jason and I hosted a couple from Australia through Couchsurfing, Paul and Leiset, for a couple of nights. They heard that Samar (Borongan specifically-- the city we live in) is especially known for its caves, so they wanted to check one out. I hadn't been yet, but Jason had the last time he was here. So he contacted some people the night before and set it all up.

We non-Filipino sized people packed into a tricycle and headed to Catian,  the barangay (village/district within a city) where the cave was located.

Cute Catian kids.
This kid had an awesome homemade kite made from a plastic bag & sticks.

We met up with our tour guides, got our headlights and headed out. It was about a 45-minute trek through muddy fields and the jungle.

We finally got to the cave and got ready to go in. 


Our tour guides.

I've been in caves before in the U.S. where the paths are nice and easy to walk on, sometimes made out of concrete or other material. But this cave was not like that. At all. The entire floor was extra muddy and super slippery. I even slipped a couple of times {I have many bruises and scrapes to prove it}. We had to climb up and down slippery rocks. I give major props to Jason and our tour guides who were just wearing flipflops, but handled the cave like pros.

But the cave was really amazing, filled with a lot of stalactites and stalagmites {and bats!}. They've done a good job preserving the cave and letting people know where you can touch and not touch the walls as you climb through so people don't damage anything.

Can you see the face?

This one looked like a jellyfish.

After an hour trek, we made it to our destination- a nice pool. It was perfect for swimming. We even lit candles and put them all around. It looked awesome. We ate lunch and swam around a bit. It felt good after getting muddy and sweaty!

After enjoying the pool and the relaxing ambiance, we packed up and headed back so we could catch our tricycle ride back home.

We made it back out!
Nice & muddy.
We met these cool little dudes on our way back:

Talubagnan Cave is definitely a must-see when you're in Borongan, but it's definitely for those who are more adventurous. There is a lot of climbing and slipping around. There's a high probability you will fall on your butt {like me}. I am definitely sore from all the climbing and tensing my muscles the whole time so I wouldn't slip. And I came out with several bruises. 

But it was all totally worth it. It was indeed an awesome adventure.

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  1. This sounds Exciting! Love the pics. Visiting by way of Meet and greet hop. AKA espacularaiesa


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