April 17, 2013

Army Navy

Army Navy is a fast-food restaurant with various locations throughout Philippines. They serve up burgers, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, fried chicken, milkshakes, and a few other items all with American-style influences. It's definitely not the cheapest place to eat in the Philippines, especially for a fast food joint, but their food is worth the extra pesos. Their restaurants are set-up like military bunkers with quirky road signs. They even play American music-- from oldies, to 80's, to modern pop. 

Jason and I try to avoid chain restaurants, but we make an exception for this place. We first got hooked when we were in Boracay. It's become our most favorite chain restaurant here.

Our first time trying Army Navy & we ordered a whole table-full! Tacos, burger, burrito, open-face quesadilla, onion rings. We devoured EVERYTHING.

They definitely have the better burritos, tacos and burgers around. When we crave food from back home (i.e. Mexican food or a good burger), we've been disappointed plenty of times with weak "Mexican" food and even worse burgers, so when we tried Army Navy-- we were pleasantly surprised. Of course, it doesn't compare to food back home, but it's definitely the best we'll get here in the Philippines.

Today we ate here again-- our third time. If you're in the Philippines and looking for good (well, as good as it gets in the Philippines) American-style burgers/burritos/etc., I would suggest trying Army Navy. They have many locations all throughout the country. For more information click here.

Where we ate today- the location on Taft Ave. by La Salle.
Their bunker-esque decor(?)

This sauce is awesome-- garlicky, spicy, creamy goodness! Really good on everything!
Chicken soft tacos, chips +salsa & guacamole, & steak quesadilla

My favorite from Army Navy: their chicken soft tacos!

Would you eat here? What's your favorite chain restaurant (either at home or abroad)?

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