February 20, 2012

Almost time to go

Right now, my bags are about 98% packed. My camera battery is charging. My MP3 is charging, loaded with new music. And now as I sit here I realize- we're heading to Korea in a little over 24 hours. WOW!

It seems like yesterday we were just getting back to the States from Ecuador. But as I think about it- it's actually been about 2 months! I can't believe it- time went by so fast.

People have asked me how I'm feeling about this whole Korea thing. My usual response is I shrug my shoulders and say that I'm excited. But in reality-- I'm feeling all kinds of different emotions.

First off, I'm sad because I will be missing my family and friends. I really wish I could put all of them in my pockets and luggage and take them with me. They're the number one reason I miss home.

Second, I'm anxious. All these questions rush through my mind-- are my kids going to like me? Are the people going to like me? Will I be able to learn the language and communicate? etc. etc. Sometimes I just want to fast forward to a month so I can get past the whole settling-in part.

Third, I'm scared. I mean, I'm moving to a whole 'nother country where they speak a language I'm not familiar with (Ecuador was a different story- I can communicate in Spanish, so I wasn't scared at all). And all these hypothetical situations pop in my head that scare me even more-- sometimes I really wish there was an "off" button for the brain.

And lastly, I'm excited. Despite my sad, anxious, scared feelings- I am really excited to do this. I can't wait to be immersed into another culture. I'm excited to be teaching again. I'm excited to see Korea, experience Korea. I'm excited to see what our apartment is going to be like, to eat good Korean food, and to meet new people.

I will miss my friends and family very much, but after being home for a while, I get antsy and need to move on to my next adventure- and I am so ready for this one!

I'm almost ready to go, but not really ready for the 14-hour flight (I hate flying- the only downside to traveling).

Next time you hear from me, I will be in South Korea. =)

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