February 26, 2012


The city we live in is called Gimhae, which is just north west of the major city of Busan.

The most surprising thing for me when we first got here was how many high rises there are. Some of the other teachers were talking about hiking the mountains that are close by, and I was like "wait-- there's mountains here??" because I didn't see any because of all the tall buildings. Then finally yesterday when we were walking around, I saw them. Apparently there's some good hiking around here, so that's good news.

What's also good news is that there are A LOT of places to eat here, A LOT. Restaurants are everywhere. And I love that Korean food is affordable- because in California it's expensive! So far we've had kimchi for every meal (except breakfast) and I love it! So good.

The weather has been pretty cold & brisk, but not too terrible.  On average during the day it's between 45-55 degrees. It's almost spring, so it should warm up soon *knock on wood*.

Here's a couple of pictures I took when we first got here, but I will have more (and better!) photos soon. Promise.

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