February 11, 2012


I'm excited to finally start this thing! I should have started it years ago, but was too lazy, and now I have so much to backtrack on. My plan with this blog is to not only talk about my present travel experiences, but also my past travels (and future travel plans).

I can say that I became addicted to traveling in the summer of 2006, when Jason and I went to Costa Rica. From there, it just took off. Since then I have been to Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Philippines (I've actually been there 3 times), Palau, Costa Rica (again). Ecuador, Peru, and in a week and 2 days Jason and I move to South Korea.

I feel kind of sad because I have seen and experienced so many incredible places and never documented anything- except for a couple of photos. (Although- some experiences need no documentation and will just stick with me forever).

I'm hoping this blog will help me feel a little better and a little less sad as I try and remember things from my past travels. I'm also excited to start writing about my experiences in South Korea.

So if you want to come along for the ride, feel free. If you have Blogger, you can follow this blog, or follow by e-mail (via the buttons on the right column).


  1. I love the "I'm currently in..." part. We can see where you've been, are, and where you came from. I dig it. I think this blog is going to be awesome! Great job!

  2. I hope you guys keep your blogs updated! I want to see all kinds of stuff from Korea yo~



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