July 30, 2012

Hostel Update #1

{If you missed the news as to why we're in the Philippines, click here.}

Today we've completed about 98% of the painting in the hostel.

We just need to print some pictures and put them up. Then we need to paint the bar up on the rooftop terrace (which we haven't been able to start because it's been raining on and off here-- the weather is pretty unpredictable and it's rainy season).

We're also waiting to register the name of the hostel and get the clearance we need. We can't do any advertising, social media, publish the website, etc. until we get the green light with the name. Hopefully we'll be registering the name tomorrow.

Once we get all the painting done, we can clean everything up, get everything fixed that needs to be fixed, put everything in place and everything ready to be operational. Hopefully it won't be that much longer (I'm predicting we'll be open in about 3 weeks or so...)

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