July 30, 2012

I've been eating so much since I've been here! We seriously eat 4-5 times a day. We eat breakfast, then merienda (snack), then lunch, then another merienda, then dinner. And it's hard to refuse the food here because it's SO GOOD! I'm in heaven with all this homemade Filipino food.When we go out with the family, we'll eat a meal. Then on the drive home, usually about 2-3 hours after eating, we'll stop by a little stand on the side of the road to grab merienda, like puto or baduya (banana fritters).

To keep me from (hopefully) gaining too much weight, I've learned to just practice portion control. We'll see how it works. ;)

Merienda: puto & a bag of Coke!

1 comment :

  1. Go Leia, you can't resist pinoy foods but good to hear, having a limitation and control to your self. Anyway, you got a pretty face.


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