January 06, 2013

Juice Fasting - Try #2

Back in August, Jason and I went on a week-long juice fast. We were inspired to go on one after watching the documentary "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" {I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!!}. We didn't go as hard-core with it as the guy in the documentary because we lacked some resources (like using kale, which doesn't exist here in the Philippines), but we still did it anyways and we were still successful. In 3 days I had lost 4 pounds. And by a week, I had lost 8 pounds.
Last month we were in the immigration office renewing our visa and there was a scale (random!) so Jason weighed himself-- and since our last juice fast he's gained 20 pounds! I wasn't able to weigh myself because I was called into the office, but I'm guessing that if he's gained 20, then I've probably gained that much. Yikes!! We decided to start our juice fast-- after the holidays, of course.

We started this past Thursday. This time, we have way less access to more variety of juiceable veggies and fruits-- this time we're only juicing cucumbers, carrots, pears and apples and we're cheating a bit by adding canned 100% pineapple juice and 100% grape juice to make a larger quantity of juice (because fruits are not cheap here).

The first time we did the juice fast, it was terribly difficult. I had no energy at all and mood swings like a mother! It was pretty unpleasant, but at least I got rid of toxins and poundage. This time around, we're doing it for 2 weeks and "allowing" ourselves to munch on fresh peanuts for snacks for some energy. We also snack on bananas and avocados throughout the day. We're eating salads and just using calamansi as a dressing for lunch some days. I'm also taking some wheatgrass pills and multivitamins. Today is day 4 of the fast and ever since day 1 I've had more energy and a less moody attitude than the first juicing.

We've been documenting our progress and we can see a slight change in our weight-- since we don't have a scale, it's hard to give numbers. I'm hoping we can stick it out for 2 weeks and that I can lose a minimum of 10 pounds. And we've sworn that after the juicing we're going to cut out red meat and eat a whole lot healthier.

This is NOT easy. At all. But we'll see how things go. I'll keep updating on our progress. Wish us luck!

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