January 01, 2013

2012: In Review

 2012 was overall a pretty good year. There were ups and there were downs (just a couple)-- but what's life without those, right? From California, to South Korea and then to the Philippines-- many adventures were had. Here is my (very brief) review of what happened during the year along with many pictures. I also backlink to many of my older posts-- just because 1. I'm lazy, 2. this is just a 'review', and 3. I don't want to bore you with repeated details.

So let's begin...
At the beginning of 2012, Jason and I had just got back to the States from Ecuador. We were in California where we spent two months preparing to go to South Korea where we landed teaching jobs. We spent a lot of time with our family and friends because we knew that we wouldn't be seeing them for a while and I made sure to definitely hit up all the restaurants in my hometown I would miss. We even got to take a quick dirtbiking trip with the fam.
Bike night on Abbot & Kenny for food trucks.
BBQ at the beach w/our Tasty Waves shirts
 Then Jason and I, along with my best friend, took a few day trip up to Northern California to visit some friends and it was a great time! We hung out, played lots of games, had many jam sessions, went to the beach--- all with awesome company. It was hard to leave, especially since I love it up in Northern California.

As the time came closer to leave for South Korea, I was feeling sad and anxious. Sad because I knew I wouldn't be seeing my people for a long time and anxious because duh- we were going to South Korea, a place where I wouldn't know the language and didn't know what to expect.
On our last night in town, a big group of our friends and family gathered at one of my favorite local restaurants- Topper's- to bid their farewells. It was hard to say goodbye-- but most goodbyes are hard, right? I just felt happy and grateful that so many of our people came to say goodbye. {Read more about my pre-departure here.}

In late February, we left for South Korea. {You can read about our arrival here.} In brief, it was a good experience. The country itself was amazing-- there was a lot to do and see, it has a very interesting culture and history, and the food was amazing {Read more about my South Korea experiences here.}.

BUT, our job was just way too much for us-- the hours, most of the kids we had to deal with, all the extras we had to do, etc. etc.... You see, Jason and I choose being happy over many other things- like money. We were making great money teaching there, but we weren't happy with the job. So, we discussed it and chose happiness over money and we left. We left South Korea in July and headed to the Philippines.

Jason and I both have family in the Philippines (his dad and my mom are from there). I hadn't been to the Philippines since 2009 so I was excited to go again. In the Philippines, we started a hostel. Things didn't work out {read here}, but it was a good learning experience for me. For our anniversary in August, we were able to spend a few days in Caramoan {more here & here}. Then we moved to Jason's dad's house {read here} in late September  where we are currently at. Since being here, Jason has started a garden on the property in the back and I started a little baking business {read here}. Also, in October we were able to go to Boracay {more here} and meet up with some friends.

We ended 2012 by celebrating with family here and in the typical Filipino fashion- with lots of food, booze and karaoke to bring in the new year.

Yesterday (January 1st) was the 7 year anniversary of when Jason had asked me to be his girlfriend and 2 year anniversary of when he asked me to be his wife. I guess New Years has been a lucky holiday for me. =)

Right now we will be continuing our life here in the Philippines with our gardening and baking. We also look forward to family coming to visit in March and April.

As we embark on the journeys that 2013 has in store for us, I look forward to the things to come-- be it known or unknown. 2012 was a good year, but I hope that 2013 will be even better. Cheers!

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