January 23, 2013

Doggy Update!

I have adopted four puppies while we've been here. At first, it was only going to be one.... then it was two... and now there's four. I was only supposed to feed two puppies, but they're all so cute-- I ended up feeding them all!

All four are good dogs, LaLa and Prada especially. Gucci and Fendi are still scared of us when we get too close, but they don't run away at the sight of us like they used to.

When I wake up in the morning, all four of them are laying by our back door. When I open the door, I get attacked with wagging tails and doggie kisses-- I love it! This is a picture of all four of them, patiently waiting in a line for breakfast:

Front to back: Prada, LaLa, Fendi, Gucci
 Prada is the most recently adopted. Before, she was the most scared one. She would run away at any movement we made towards her. But, just a couple weeks ago, she started to come around more often. Then one day last week, she actually let me pet her and she didn't run away. Now she likes to lie around inside the house and she comes to get petted often. She's definitely the most excited one-- her tail always wags when she sees us or when we talk to her and she's always the first one to jump on me in the morning.

Lala was the first dog we adopted. She is a very good dog. She's the calmest one and isn't scared of us at all. She likes to lie by the back door all day and is always open for tummy rubs. She's also pretty lazy-- when I have to do laundry, I have to take the washer and dryer outside from inside the house, and she'll be right in my way and won't even move for me, so I have to step over her. And then one night, there was a pretty big earthquake and she was sleeping by the back door. Me and Jason ran outside and the other dogs were freaking out-- but Lala just laid there by the back door, looking at us like “Why the heck are you guys trippin' for??”

Fendi and Gucci are the two puppies we've tried on multiple occasions to catch and keep, but were never successful. Fendi is the female and she's the braver one, Gucci won't let us get anywhere close to him-- unless we have food. Fendi will eat out of our hands, but when we try and pet her, she backs off quickly. We haven't gotten that far with Gucci yet.

They're all good dogs and I love 'em! I've managed to tame two wild, jungle dogs (and two more if you count Fendi & Gucci, although I have some work to do with them still). There's also a few other dogs that stay in our backyard-- but they seem to manage on their own {one of them being Gabana-- Fendi&Gucci's mother}. Having all these dogs around makes me feel a bit safer-- they bark when another dog comes around. They also bark when another person comes around (but they never attack or anything like that). And they'll keep things away from the house-- like snakes and rats.

I've had a couple people ask me about their names. The reason Lala is named Lala and the other dogs are named 'fancy, name-brand names' is because we got Lala first and by the time I had the idea of giving them the fancy names, it was already too late to change Lala's name because she was used to it. And the reason for the fancy names are because one night, I had Kreayshawn's song  “Gucci Gucci “ stuck in my head. Plus, I like oxymorons: these are wild, scraggly, jungle dogs but they have fancy names.

I feel like a crazy cat lady-- except obviously I'm a crazy dog lady. But it's ok, they make me happy and it gives me something else to do here. Hopefully there will be more progress with Fendi and Gucci.

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