May 23, 2013

Big Announcement: We're Moving!

Yes- it's true! And I've been wanting to tell the world for so long! Lol

My husband and I are moving to..... NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!


We are very excited for this next chapter in our lives. We've been busy here in California, visiting and hanging out with our families and friends (and hence the lack of posting!). We're heading out next week, so we are enjoying these last moments with them. Everyone is sad we're leaving, especially my parents, but I always tell them: "Hey- at least we'll be in the same country this time!". Being able to visit each other will be a ton easier. We got a fun road trip planned as we make our way out there from Cali and I'm excited for that as well.

Right now, we have no set amount of time we'll live in Nashville. My husband is a musician (check out his website here!) and he's finally decided to take it more seriously. He's heard this is the place to be, so we're going to try it out for a while & see what happens.

Life is crazy and I love it!
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