May 16, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it's commonly referred to, is the capital of the country of Malaysia. On our way back to the States from the Philippines a few weeks ago, J and I did a 4-day trip here. After being there for only a few hours, we instantly fell in love with this city!

KL, or even Malaysia in general, is comprised of three main groups: the native Malay, Chinese and Indian. And you can see these influences, whether individually or mixed, all throughout the city-- from the food, to the architecture, to the people. It's a pretty clean city for being so big. There is a lot to do and it's a backpacker's heaven-- good eats for cheap and loads of affordable hostels (we stayed at Birdnest Guest House, located just a few yards from Chinatown. Great backpacker hostel, good vibes, friendly people, and the cheapest we saw in KL!). For those who aren't the backpacker type, it's still a great place to go as there are a wide-range of accommodations and restaurants to fit what you're looking for. One thing I really found awesome about KL is their transportation system. It's one of the most efficient I've seen. There are train systems and buses that can take you just about anywhere all for a very good price (an average train ride for one person is about $1USD or sometimes even less!).

Malaysia is full of history and culture. KL is a perfect place to explore it all. Here are just a few (of many!) places/sites we visited that are worth checking out:

  • Kampung Baru- this was our favorite place to go. We went here every night-- whether it was for food, or just hookah and a drink. Travel guides we saw say to visit this place on Saturdays, but even on other days it was great. You can find what seems like an endless amount of places to eat some amazing (and cheap!) Malay cuisine. It's easy to get to. We noticed how we were the only foreigners around-- so we knew it was a good place because it was mostly locals! Read more about Kampung Baru here.

Our first meal in Malaysia- nasi lemak from Kampung Baru

Hookah time at Kampung Baru-- with a view of the Petronas Towers in the background

  • Islamic Arts Museum- a beautiful place, both inside and out. I actually learned a lot about the Islamic world and it really opened my eyes & mind. It's definitely worth the few bucks to check this place out (and the nice air-con is an added bonus-- especially after walking around in the hot Malaysian sun!)

  • Batu Caves- This place was really awesome. It's a Hindu shrine made of caves and cave temples. You walk up 272 steps and there's monkeys everywhere! The temples/architecture/shrine are really beautiful. But for us, the main attraction were the monkeys. Batu Caves are a must-do when in KL, especially since there's a train (only 2Rm, which is less than $1USD one way!) that goes directly to it. And once you get there, going up the steps and walking around the caves is free.

  • FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) - If you're a nature lover and want to get away from the city hustle and bustle, FRIM is the perfect place to go. It's about 13km away from KL, but you can easily get there by train and then taxi. It's a very well-kept, beautiful area where you can go hiking, have a picnic and walk on the canopy walkway for some amazing views. We really enjoyed FRIM. (Click here for more info)
Yes- I am indeed wearing a fanny pack. I'm bringing fanny packs back with class! =)

A traditional Malay house that uses no nails.

KL was one of my most favorite cities I've been to. It's clean, safe, affordable, there's a lot to do, food is amazing, and people are friendly. We hope to go back to Malaysia again and stay longer and explore more cities!

And if you haven't seen our Hungry Backpacker episode for KL, check it out here:

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