May 19, 2013

Sunday Social

This Week's Questions:
1. What is your favorite kind of surprise? 
Any surprise-- as long as it's a good one! I especially like ones that make people happy. 
2. Flowers or Chocolate? 
3. What is your favorite summertime activity
Traveling, camping and/or roadtripping. 

4. Do you have any vacations planned this Summer? 
Yes- camping for Memorial Day weekend, moving across the country after that, family reunion for July 4th weekend & my husband's high school reunion... And whatever comes up before, after & between then!
5. Favorite Summer Holiday?
I don't really have one-- I just love all of summer.
6. Dream Vacation
Going to another country, laying on a beautiful beach, relaxing, eating good food & drinks and being with J. 

Sunday Social

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 

I've been super busy since I've been back in the States. I hope to be able to blog more often soon. I have a big announcement -- something happening in my life, but I'll post about it later. 

Until next time, my lovely readers. 

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