April 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Childhood Pics

Life has just been a little crazy for us lately, so I've been a bit behind on Tuesday Topics. But I'm back this week, skipping the weeks I missed (seven & six) and going straight to five.

Here are my
five childhood pics:
Philippines 1991 w/my dad & brother, about to eat balut!

Snow time @ our grandma's house. (Don't mind my 'do)

Riding dirtbikes since I was a wee girl.

I used to work out to Jane Fonda with my mom.

My bro & I at the beach in our hometown.

Come join the fun here:
The Austin Family Diary
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  1. My mom use to have that Suzanne Somers thigh master thing and I'd use that while she was working out. Great memories!

    Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!


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