September 12, 2013

35 Gift Ideas for the World Traveler

If you've got some globetrotting friends and looking for something to give them as a gift, it could get a bit tough. They probably already have a ton of cool souvenirs and keepsakes from the various countries they've been to. They've probably got all the gadgets and tools they need (plus, some of that stuff can be expensive!).

Or maybe you're a jetsetter yourself and you want some cute stuff to either make your traveling a little bit 'cuter', maybe even a little easier. Or you're like me and just want some cute stuff to use/wear on the daily to represent the fact that yeah- I love to travel.

Whatever your case may be, I took some time and went through pages and pages of cute stuff on Etsy. Most of the stuff I found is way affordable. A few items are pricey. But I thought everything in the list below was really cute!

So here are 35 gift ideas for the world traveler in your life (or for yourself! I know I'm going to get some of these things just for myself!).

Airplane + Globe necklace         //   iPhone case           //   photobook        //    luggage necklace     //   typography print

Painted sign // Bicycle Bracelet // World travel watercolor decal // Travel Journal + pencil set //  necklace

Travel Diary    //      Painting //          Airplane necklace //            Journey travel journal //   Travel quote art print

Typography Travel Decal //  Journey journal //Travel jeweler y case // Travel art print  //  Travel charm necklace

Custom world map // Custom world Toms // Bucketlist journal // Airplane + airport code necklace // Custom luggage tag

Sports travel bag // Travel quote ring // Leather passport cover // Camper's (portable) soap // Travel deco stickers

Canvas backpack // Passport stamped Toms // t-shirt // 'Travel. Fall in Love. Repeat' t-shirt // Passport cover

What are some things you'd want as a traveler? Have you ever given something cool/cute/useful/awesome etc. to a world traveler in your life? Have any more ideas for this list?
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  1. I personally have an obsession with vintage maps so that could be another gift idea!

  2. I have some people like this in my life, so this is a very helpful list! :)

  3. It can be tricky to buy travelers gifts--because often they don't have a lot of space to store bulky possessions or else they just don't want to be tied to big stuff. I think you have some great suggestions here--I know I always try to travel with a journal or notebook!


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