September 03, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was a pretty darn good one. Even though we didn't make a trip anywhere, we still enjoyed our 'long' weekend at home.

We finally got to move into our apartment, which I talked about yesterday here. After we hustled our buns off moving everything in (just my husband and I, mind you), we worked up quite an appetite. We went to try out this Greek place called Athen's Family Restaurant. We got there at a good time because shortly after we were seated, the line slowly started to form. By the time we had finished, there were quite a few people waiting to be seated. I was wondering why it was so poppin'- then I went outside and saw their sign. It explained a lot. Their food was really good. And super filling! It was just what we needed.

After dinner, we went back home and did a little bit of unpacking. While I was in our room, I heard big booms and bangs, and I looked out the window and saw a fireworks show going on down at the baseball stadium. It was really awesome- especially since I had a perfect view from my window! It was quite the welcoming to our new home. ;)

I didn't feel like doing any unpacking in the morning, so Saturday started pretty slowly. After lunch, we headed downtown for the anti-war in Syria protest. On our way, I took a couple of shots of the Capitol building and another historic-looking building that I should have looked up what it was. Then we joined the protest. It was a pretty small turnout (especially since my husband and I are used to the HUGE anti-war protests in L.A.), but it was good being out there standing in solidarity.

We started the morning off with the oh-so-fun laundry time. Then we hit up the grocery store for some goods-- our favorite football (or soccer) team was playing so we had to make a thing out of it. We had chicken wings, watermelon, salad and of course some drinks! (And yes- our team won! iViva Barca!)

Later in the evening, we hit up Sonic's because I was feeling like a milkshake-- and I wanted to take advantage of their half-off shakes after 8pm deal while it's still here! I'm pretty sure I've almost tried every flavor.... My fave so far: Oreo Cheesecake!

My favorite part of Monday: the fact that I got paid for enjoying a day off! Woohoo-- thank goodness for paid holidays! We walked to a record store that's really close to our house because they were having free food, booze and a band playing. So that was cool. And they had a life-size Muno there, signed by DJ Lance Rock and everything. I wanted to steal it.

Then later in the evening, we went our for some drinks with a friend. And, I will admit this to you blog world because I have no shame, we went to Sonic's AGAIN for milkshakes. Don't judge me.

So those were my shenanigans that were had on my holiday weekend! What about yours???

Sami's Shenanigans

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm sure the fireworks and Sonic shakes made it even better. Sonic milkshakes are my favorite. Now you've got me craving one:)

    1. Fireworks + milkshakes always makes things better, right? ;) Sonic's definitely knows how to do a milkshake!

  2. It's a good thing we don't have a Sonic's near our house because my husband would go there all the time! Paid holidays are a very, very good thing, and so are fireworks you can watch from home!


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