November 27, 2013

Happy List


I like to think that I am a happy person. I have so much to be happy for. People often comment on how I am always smiling. How I'm always happy. I do try my darndest to stay that way and to stay positive, no matter what life throws in my way to keep me from being so. When I get caught up in the negatives that happen in my life, I always remember to take some time, sit back, and recount my blessings. Yes- life will be hectic, overwhelming, and challenging, but being happy and staying positive is of utmost importance for my mind, body and soul.

Many things make me happy whether big, medium or small. Here's my partial happy list:

+ Cuddling on the couch with J
+ Talking on the phone with my mom
+ Finding a 'steal' at a thrift store
+ Hugs from my little students
+ Beautiful, warm, crystal clear ocean water
+ Sand between my toes
+ Receiving snail mail
+ Happy & healthy family and friends
+ Baking
+ Exploring new places around the world with J
+ Roadtrips
+ Foot massages
+ Making others happy
+ Paydays
+ Getting crazy, random e-mails from my dad
+ Catching up with friends
+ Being home in California
+ Traveling- anywhere & everywhere
+ Good music


What's on your happy list?
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1 comment :

  1. Love your happy list:) That quote is so true. I agree with finding steals at thrift stores making me happy:) There's no other rush quite like that one:)


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