November 20, 2013

Food in South Korea {Wanderlust Wednesday}

I will admit that when we plan a trip somewhere, the number one thing I look forward to is the food. Going to South Korea was no exception.

Before we left for South Korea, I was already in love with Korean BBQ (luckily Los Angeles has plenty of KBBQ places to choose from!). So I was looking forward to having it in actual Korea-- all legit. I was also looking forward to trying other foods. I had no expectations. But one thing is for sure-- I was not expecting Korean food to become one of my favorites!

Yes, the KBBQ was indeed amazing. But so were all these other dishes I couldn't even pronounce or read. We would just point at pictures when we would walk into a restaurant and would always leave happy.

This post is an ode of sorts to Korean food.

More recently we were able to grub on a massive amount of Korean food here in Nashville for J's birthday. We were missing the food in Korea like crazy and luckily we found a great spot- Korea House. We left there happy & will definitely be returning.

To read about our adventures in South Korea, click here.
Read my post about Koreans and Food.

J and I did an episode of our Hungry Backpacker series in South Korea (if you want to get a better picture of Korean food):

Check out our other The Hungry Backpacker episodes.

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  1. I haven't tried Korean food, but those pictures made it look so delicious I'm going to have to go and get myself some:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Korean food is one of my faves and it's so amazing in Korea itself!!! Thanks for linking up!

  3. making me hungrrrrry. i'm a huge fan of korean food!

  4. I've only ever had Korean food once and that was in New York. I didn't particularly love it but maybe I need to go to Korea to try the real stuff :)

  5. I love Korean food and of course I've been to Korea House in Nashville! Your pictures are making me hungry for pickled veggies and marinated meat and it's only morning here!


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