November 18, 2013

Cara Box First-Timer! {Reveal}

I joined my very first Cara Box Exchange in September. And, just like in the Snail Mail Collective, I was paired with some pretty awesome ladies. I lucked out- again!

Samantha over at Life Style Love was my partner who sent to me. She is a super nice gal who has a great blog where she talks about her life and other things! I really enjoy her blog and her positive attitude. Her and her husband are adorable! {Definitely go check her out here.} We immediately found out that we had a lot in common and getting to know each other has been fun!

This Cara Box Exchange's theme was "Fall in Love with the Season." And Samantha sent me some cute stuff that I loved!

Some cute Halloween stickers (that I will definitely use in my scrapbooking!), a cute card, a gold candle holder, Fall-colored sprinkles, and a pretty scarf (that I've put to use plenty already!).

Thank you so much Samantha for all my goodies!!

My other partner that I sent a Cara Box to was Kam at Anchors, Bows and a Doxie. She's also a really nice person and it was fun e-mailing each other back and forth. She and her husband recently moved to Southern California and they have two adorable dogs. She also has an estsy shop where she sells her beautiful stationary! Check out her blog at Anchors, Bows, and a Doxie. I was a couple weeks late sending my Cara Box to her because of somethings that came up in my life, but she was totally understanding. {I hope you enjoy your Cara Box, Kam!}

Visit Samantha at Life Style Love.
More information on the Cara Box Exchange can be found at Wifessionals.
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  1. Fun exchange - little surprise trinkets are the best!

  2. Awesome, she sent you such cute stuff! I have it on my calendar to sign up for the Winter Cara Box... I've never done one before but I really want to!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  3. just came across your blog on bloglovin and can't get over how clever your blog name is- i LOVE it!!



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