November 03, 2013

October Recap

It's been nice going around town and seeing all the leaves changing colors. I love it. It all looks so beautiful and it makes me love Mother Nature that much more. We have to appreciate it while all these pretty Autumn colors are still around!

October has gone down in the books and it's been a new month a few days now which means it is recap time! Here's what happened here at Latitude Adjustment:

- My husband has a blog and I posted a link to his post: First World Problems: Why trying to be Middle-Class in America is Depressing

- I love Aryn's blog Driftwood & Daydreams and participated in a few of her Photo Fridays:
   * Ngerbelas Island, Palau
   * Jaco, Costa Rica
   * Lake Havasu, Arizona

- I really enjoyed participating in Capture the Color.

- I had lots of fun at the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival.

- I joined my very first Snail Mail Collective and was paired with two great partners: Franka & Michelle!

- I posted pictures of Colorful Cities Around the World for Wanderlust Wednesday.

- Another round of The Boy Behind the Blog.

- I fell in love with Mayer Hawthorne's cover of "Royals".

- I finally got around to making some Homemade Laundry Detergent. I was super excited about it.

- My last post in October was about my love/obsession with dogs (mostly French Bulldogs and Pugs). I posted several pictures and links of some amazing doggie-ness in Major Dog Love Overload!.

I hope your October was lovely and that you're still enjoying your Fall (or Spring if you're in the other hemisphere) while it's still here! xo
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  1. October WAS one for the books! That Jamaican dog killlllls me. Too funny.

  2. Love the recap! What an awesome October!


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