January 19, 2014

Free University Courses

Tomorrow I start an online course. Just for the heck of it. Because I want to and it's a class that sounds interesting and useful. And the big plus-- it's all FREE.

Have you ever heard of Coursera? The other week, my work sent a mass e-mail about a professor from our university that will be teaching a course on Coursera. I looked into it, and now I've signed up for 2 other courses besides the one I start tomorrow! 

If you have some extra time, even if it's an hour or two here and there, why not make that time useful and take a free university course? Learn about something new. Learn about something you've always wanted to learn about.

There are so many classes to choose from. And the level you want to participate in is all up to you. Some courses do offer certificates of completion. Classes are different lengths and start on different days.

The classes I've signed up for are:
Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights (starts tomorrow)
Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms (starts Feb. 9th)
Buddhism and Modern Psychology (starts Mar. 20th)

I wasn't paid or anything by Coursera for this post, but I'd thought I'd share this excellent resource with you all. I'm all about learning and opening up the mind-- especially if you can do it for free! Check out Coursera here.
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  1. This is really cool, thanks for sharing and let us know how they go!

  2. That's great. I'd take more online courses, but over the last few online courses I've taken I just know that OL classes aren't for me. It's too boring and hard to learn from simply reading. Good luck.

  3. That is a really cool concept and program! I am one of those people who does love learning for the sake of learning, so it sounds like just the kind of thing I might be interested in!

  4. Those sound like a fun few classes your taking! I've taken one before about Blended Learning and it was pretty cool - especially because it wasn't all reading. They used lots of videos and forum discussions so it was somewhat interactive. I'd love to hear what you think of these after ~ I know they do a lot of repeats and I may want to hop on it :)

  5. You just pegged my geek meter. I love taking classes, especially when I can pick and choose what I want to learn about without having a set curriculum. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. I'm definitely going to look into this! I love taking classes just for the sake of learning about something I find interesting!


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