January 29, 2014

Question of the Day-- travel alone?

If you could travel anywhere in the world, but you'd have to leave your loved ones behind, would you?

This is really tough for me to answer because most, if not all, of my traveling has been done with J. I haven't traveled alone.. ever. But I'm down to do it- it's just not my preference. I think if an opportunity did arise for me to go on a trip alone, J would support me 110%. I know that he thinks it would be good for me.

So I guess the short answer to this questions is yes, yes I would. (With a few conditions, such as as long as it's not for an extended amount of time).

What are your thoughts?
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  1. I traveled to Naples and the surrrounding area by myself and people told me not to. I was taking classes there for a week so that's why I was traveling the area completely by myself. I used the local trains and buses to get around and it was such a good experience to just rely on myself. I never would have thought to do it but I'm glad I did. I'd do it again, I'm just not sure when.

  2. That is such an interesting question. I know I could do it, but I don’t think I’d have as much fun if I weren’t with someone to share it. I think to say you did it would be cool, though.

  3. I'm really glad I was able to do some sola-traveling before I met my husband, because it was something I wanted to experience. It's very freeing and independent feeling! Although, I was hardly alone the whole trip because I met people, through Couchsurfing, on a beach, at a hostel, etc...Now, I'd really really like to travel with my husband because we haven't been able to together much yet. It's fun in guaranteed good company :) Great question!

  4. That's a question that I grapple with quite often! I love to travel & would love to do so more often but I'm super close to my family, which can make it hard!

  5. I have never traveled more than one day alone but I have heard so many positive things that come out of it for those that do.N Not sure how I would feel on my own in a different country but it is something that intrigues me and I may have to give it a try at least once!

  6. hm, not sure how to answer this question. I don't like being alone but I would like to do a short trip by myself maybe.

    ps thanks for linking up with Treat Yo' Self Thursday last week!


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