January 27, 2014

Things I've learned since being Nashville

When I was in the third or fourth grade I did a report on Tennessee. Everyone in the class got to choose what state they wanted to do their report on. I can't remember why I picked Tennessee. But my theory is I chose it because I liked the stars on their flag and I really loved the song "Tennessee" by Arrested Development. Both are really plausible reasons. Either way, I did really well on it and got an "A".

Twenty-plus years later and I never would have thought I'd be living here. Shoot- I never thought I'd live anywhere east of the Rockies! But- here I am.

We've been living in Nashville for about 7 months now. And I've learned quite a few things since being here:

* How to spell "y'all" correctly. (before, I'd spell it "ya'll" -- silly me)

* The South gets really cold in winter. (this really surprised me. When I would think of "The South" I would automatically think hot and humid 24/7, 365. I never thought it snowed here. Boy was I wrong.)

* It rains... a lot! (it sure does! So much so it flooded us out of our house!)

* BBQ is better here. (BBQ in the South is the real deal-- so delicious and the best I've ever tasted!)

* Country music isn't all that bad. ( I think I'm coming around- but shhh don't tell J! I told him before moving out here that I could never like country music. But truth be told, I'm starting to tolerate it more and more the longer we're here!)

* Not everyone here has a Southern accent and wears cowboy boots. (To be honest- it seems like only the tourists wear the cowboy getups- just take a walk down Broadway and it's swarming with them!)

* People are a lot nicer here than where I come from - Southern California. (It must be the whole Southern hospitality thang! I like getting random "hellos"  and "good mornings" from strangers-- unlike in So Cal where it's all about people for themselves "stay out of my way" type of deal)

This is just the beginning of my learning list. I am sure it will expand the longer we're here!

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  1. I was totally surprised by the cold and the rain too, but I think the craziest part of the weather is the window-rattling thunder! We don't really get that here at all, right? By the way, my state report was in Georgia, so I didn't quite get there. :)

  2. How funny, I'm guilty of saying 'ya'll' too! And also, I'm curious about the music...I imagine there's much more variety of the country music than is played on the radio ? Enjoy your adventures learnin' and livin' :)

  3. Nashville is on my list of travel goals. I've had friends visit and they all say it's such a cool city.

    1. It is a pretty cool city. I really like it here. If you ever do get a chance to make it out this way, let me know!


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