January 13, 2014

10 Favorite Travel Moments of 2013

I know we're already in the 3rd week of the new year. And I know it's been year-in-review overload in social media land. But when I saw Nicole's post last week, I thought it was a cool idea and it inspired me to do my own little review of my favorite travel moments of last year. So let's begin:

1. Exploring Talubagnan Cave, Borongan, Philippines
This was a crazy adventure! You can read about it here.

2. Seeing the rice terraces in Banaue, Philippines

This was my first time seeing rice terraces. It was incredible. I posted about Banaue here & here.

3. Falling in love with Sagada, Philippines

Sagada became one of my most favorite places in the Philippines. Read about it here. And see more photos here.

4. Enjoying everything about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ah yes, KL. We really loved it there and wished we could have stayed longer.. maybe even indefinitely. Read more here.

5. Batu Caves, Malaysia

Best part: Monkeys walking around everywhere!

Photobombed by a pigeon!

6. The views (& camping at) the Grand Canyon

The first stop on our roadtrip across America.

7. Camping & exploring in the Ozarks.

8. Trying real, Southern-style BBQ for the first time in Tennessee.

It was the very first thing we did when we crossed the Tennessee state line into Memphis. The food (pictured above) was so good-- it was an unforgettable experience!

9. Roadtrip to Maryland 

We took a roadtrip up to Maryland for 4th of July weekend. It was good to spend time with family.

10. Exploring Nashville

It's been quite an adventure settling into our new city we now call home! We've been here for about 7 months now, but there is still so much more to discover.
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  1. looks like an incredible year!! so happy that you shared your top moments. I'll be sharing my top 10 tomorrow :)

  2. What a fulfilling year! Wish I could say I traveled that much. Hopefully 2014 will be different!


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