May 12, 2012

Jangyu Valley

Today was a gorgeous day and we headed out to Jangyu, which is the next city over from us. We went with a guy that Jason met to play music with before named Simon. Then when we got there, we met up with a friend of his and her friend.

It was good to get away from all the tall buildings and the little hustle and bustle of our city for a bit. We went to Jangyu Valley, which is this nice area along a river. It was good to be out in nature again.

We set up a picnic on a big, flat rock next to the river. And it was just awesome. Jason was on the guitar, Simon was on the fiddle, and we had a small grill with some Korean-style bacon cooking up, complete with all the side dishes and some kimbap. We spent the whole day hanging out, relaxing, enjoying the scenery.


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  2. Hi,
    do you have a map of how to get to the valley?
    I'm in Jangyu

    1. We actually went with a Korean who took us. And I don't remember how we got there. I just tried looking on Google maps but was unsuccessful. So sorry I couldn't be much help =(


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