May 06, 2012

Random English: part 1

I am an English nerd, I'll admit it. It's always been my favorite subject in school- hence why I majored in English Language in college.

Since living in Korea, I've seen English used in some crazy ways-- like "What the heck?!" type of crazy. When I see something in English that says something really off the wall- from silly spelling mistakes to intense sayings- I get excited and I have to take a picture. A lot I've found are at restaurants. Many have these really deep, emotional messages written on their wall or window.

My collection is building of these type of photos, so I would like to start a "segment" called Random English. Here's what I have so far- Part 1:

"Many people want to feel the nature in the raw. In Nature, Many people find ways to live in harmony."

"Don't bite me or You will love me!!"

Someone with love you
This was drawn in a bathroom stall.

A kids' notebook.

Written in a nail salon's wall.

From the same nail salon as above.
It's always a good time with fried fride chicken.

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