September 02, 2013

Not Homeless Anymore!

Friday morning as J was driving me to work, the lady who works at the apartment complex we were waiting to get into called and said we could come by to sign the lease and move in. We weren't expecting to move in until Tuesday (tomorrow) so it was a pretty cool surprise and a great way to start my Friday! While I was at work, J rented a U-Haul van, packed up the rest of the stuff we were storing at a friend's friend's house, and when I got off work, we went off to our new little 'home'.

Let me just say, I am SO GLAD we don't have a lot of stuff! It was BLAZING on Friday and so ridiculously humid-- but we wanted to get the moving thing over with, so we toughed it out, but only had to make about 4 trips back and forth between the van and our place. Needless to say- we were exhausted when we were all done with that mess.

We live in a townhouse now. The apartment complex itself is huge. There are a lot of people that live here. It's definitely not the nicest of apartment complexes, with some shady-looking characters around here and there, but rent is really cheap and we really love the area. We're just a 2-minute drive (if that) to downtown Nashville-- you can even see it from our bedroom window! We can also see the bridge, the Adventure Science Center (which looks really cool at night!) and the baseball stadium. I'm a mile away from work, which means I can walk or ride my bike. And there is so much to do around here-- which is mostly walking or biking distance away!

View from our bedroom window of a fireworks show from the baseball stadium Friday night.

We will see how living in Nashville goes this time around. At least we're living away from water, which is good. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day. I know I am. Unpacking, reorganizing, etc. etc. is so much fun... not really. But I am glad we're not living out of motels anymore and can finally settle down.

Moving forward...
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  1. Awesome! Don't you love that everything in Nashville is basically maximum 20 minutes away? Unless you want to go to Cool Springs, but that's not very often. How great is your commute? Also, you are dead on about the humidity! It is craaaaazy. Make sure to get some paletas before the summer is out!

    1. I've yet to try Paletas! But it's at the top of my list-- especially now that we live so close to 12 south!

  2. That is fantastic! So glad you guys are settling into your own space. Being so close to everything sound great. I would love to bike to work:) Hope you're having a great day and congrats!


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