September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Janelle Monáe

I'm joining my friend Lisa over at Meanderings, Adventures, and Crafty Inspirations again for some Tuesday Tunes!

Today I want to talk a little about one of my faves- Janelle Monáe! I just love her style, her voice, and she is an AMAZING performer. J and I saw her live when she opened for Bruno Mars a few years ago and she was just incredible! If you haven't heard of her or have but haven't listened to her, definitely look into it. Her music is R&B/Soul/Funk. I just love her originality. I also enjoy all her 'girl-powerness' especially in a lot of her music videos.

This one is from her debut studio album The ArchAndroid and it's one of my favorite songs of hers- "Tightrope". I used to workout to it a lot. Also, I need to learn some of her smooth dance moves she does in this video! Ooooweee!

Are you a fellow Janelle Monáe fan? What's your favorite song of hers?
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  1. Leia, I love Janelle Monae, too! She has such style confidence (and mad wind pipes). Total inspiration!

  2. I wasn't a fan until today! Thank you so much for sharing, I am off to listen to more of her music now!!

  3. Ooo thanks for sharing, Leia! I haven't heard of Janelle before so I'll be checking more out. I love her suit and moves in the video, plus she's sassy!

  4. Hi! I just tagged you in my "6 Things About Me" post. :)

    You're it!


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