October 10, 2013

First Snail Mail Collective = Super Success!

I joined the Snail Mail Collective for the very first time last month. And I must say- I am very happy I finally decided to join the fun!

I was in a special three-way partnering with two lovely ladies- Franka and Michelle. I really lucked out because my partners are really great gals. We were originally supposed to send to just one other person, but we all decided to send packages to the two other ladies-- so we each can receive TWO packages! Fun fun!

Well yesterday, my package from Franka arrived. My husband came through the door holding a package and I rushed him to see what it was and was so excited it was something for me!

Franka lives in the Netherlands and she blogs over at Mme nosenose loves mail. And when you go to her blog for the first time you will immediately notice that yes- she does indeed love mail! She does this type of snail mail exchange all the time with people all over the world! She is a very creative person and it's something I really admire about her. I like seeing all the different mail she gets from people and all the stuff she sends to others!

For the package she sent me- she drew something pretty on the outside:

Little did I know that it was a reflection of sorts of what was inside!! So awesome and so creative! I loved it!! A nice felt tablet case. I don't own a tablet (yet) but I knew immediately what I wanted to use it for-- to store photos!

I would have been happy with just this beautiful case, but nope- there were even more goodies inside!

Some cute polka dot paper, the blue striped envelopes were the cutest I've ever seen, stickers, a ball point pen (which is one of Franka's favorite types of pens), a good luck Miffy (which I will definitely be using on my keyring!), some cute name cards, a very sweet letter she wrote, washi tape, and a little notebook she hand-carved my name into herself! I will definitely be using that for my random thoughts and note-taking!

Thank you, Franka, for such a wonderful package and putting so much thought and effort into everything!

Check out Franka's blog here: Mme nosenose loves mail

I am looking forward to getting Michelle's package next! This Snail Mail Collective has been a great experience. SMC is hosted by two amazing bloggers: Chelsea at Lost in Travels and Melyssa at The Nectar Collective. For more information about SMC, you can check out their blogs. The sign ups for October just ended, but the next sign up will be held November 1st so be on the look out! And you can participate any month you can/want to. I did it last month, but I didn't sign up for this next one. But I think I'll do it next month or the one after-- when I have a little more extra funds in the bank. You DON'T have to be a blogger to participate- like our other partner Michelle- but she's thinking of maybe starting one ;) . I highly recommend participating if you can- it's a lot of fun making friends from around the world AND receiving some snail mail at the same time!
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  1. You make me blush Leia! Glad you liked your package! Thank you for letting me have a peek in your adventurous life, keep on adventuring with your husband. I'm going to keep following your blog,
    Take care, Franka


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