October 07, 2013

Monthly Photo Journal: September 2013

Hey hey y'all! I hope October is going well for you so far & filled with that goodness that is fall! (I just bought Pumpkin Spice Kisses last night and I am excited!)

Here's a few things we did in last month:

1. We had a good Labor Day Weekend, which ended with some delicious mules. // 2. I won tickets as an early b-day present for J to the Tennessee Craft Brewers Festival. // 3. It was my first time playing cornhole. And I am a natural! // 4. We went to this awesome breakfast place called Pfunky Griddle where you do your own pancakes at the table! We loved it.

5. On the day of J's b-day, we went to a great Korean restaurant & ate a ton of good food! // 6. J finally got a new guitar from his sister since his other one got damaged in the flood. He was super happy. // 7. We found a really good Thai restaurant called Thai Kitchen in Berry Hill. Amazing food- especially the satay! & they pride themselves in not using any MSG. Another plus! // 8. About to grub on some chicken wings after a 20-mile bike ride around town.

9. J has been able to meet up with me on my lunch on his days off a couple of times. We went to the park and saw this really cool sculpture(?) made of bike frames. I thought it was really cool. // 10. I started on my Fall Bucketlist and had a pumpkin spice coffee and a pumpkin bagel with pumpkin spice cream cheese! Pumpkin overload- but I do not mind.

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  1. pumpkin spice cream cheese - whaaaaat? that sounds amazing.

  2. I have never heard of a grill-your-own pancakes restaurant! Now that's a pretty interesting concept! And places where you can get Southeast Asian food with NO MSG are rare treasures!


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