August 09, 2013

Flash Floods Ain't Nothin' to Mess With.

I now know from experience.

Thunder was going off very early yesterday morning. I tossed and turned, too lazy to get up and close our window, which was open to get some fresh air in the midst of the Nashville humidity while we slept.

A couple of hours and a lot more thundering later, Jason finally gets up to close the window. Then I hear him say "Oh crap..." then *squish squish*... he turns on the light, and he is stepping in a puddle of water. We look around, and the entire floor of our room is starting to fill with water.

Adrenaline instantly hits us. We start grabbing stuff and throwing it in backpacks. We wake up our roomate. We go into the living room and water is RUSHING through a crack in our front door. Our house was filling with water and fast. We knew we only had a minute to get out.

We knew the back would be impossible to go through to get out because the 'small' creek that's right in our backyard was now a raging river. The front door wouldn't budge open. So we all stuffed through a front window.

We tried to push my car further up the driveway. It was getting covered in water fast. It was still pouring rain. I didn't even have shoes on. Water was rushing up past my knees. I didn't even care. We got the cars as far as we could. I ran across the street to a small apartment complex for some shelter. Luckily, a neighbor came by in his truck and was able to pull our cars out of the driveway and we parked them on safe land.

After getting a few minutes to collect our thoughts and the little energy we had left, we made some plans on what to do next. We got a couple of things sorted out. And now, we're homeless, for the time being. We're in a motel. We don't know if my car is going to work.

But you know what-- we are alive. My husband and I are together. That's worth more than anything in the world.

My thoughts on this whole situation will be reserved for another post when I have more energy.

In the meantime, here are a couple more photos of what used to be our house:

Thank you to all our family and friends for their concern, love and help. Please just keep on sending us good vibes and prayers. We appreciate it. My cell phone was also a victim of the flood, so sorry to those who were trying to contact me. But J's cell still works, just f.y.i.

I guess the adventure really doesn't ever stop with us.
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  1. Oh my word these pictures are insane! I'm moving to texas this week and was supposed to pass through tennessee, but now with the floods I'm thinking we may have to re-route! So sorry this happened to you.

  2. Eek! The same thing happened to my building's property manager's home when the floods hit a few years back. He said it really came in a flash, after a night of steady rain. It's amazing how loud the thunder is there, right? I'm so glad you are unharmed, because I know it could be dangerous. Keep safe!

  3. Oh wow, how terrifying! That's good that you were able to escape and get to dry land in time, at least! But I'm sure you have a long process ahead of you in getting back to normal life....I don't like floods at all.

  4. Wow,! So glad you are safe!!

    Sending prayers your way.....

  5. Oh my gosh! I'm so so sorry Leia! I just saw this and wish I would have reached out sooner. You poor thing! I can't believe how much water there was. At least you all made it out safe and sound. I'm sending you lots of thoughts and prayers across the miles. Again, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Hang in there. You're handling this way better than I would have. My heart really goes out to you, and I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you guys. I hope today is going better for you:)

  6. So sorry! That looks really rough. Unfortunately, it seems like so much of the country is having so many problems with either fire or flooding. I would sure get into the business of disaster cleanup - I think that is going to be a booming field in the future. Best wishes to you and your family and I hope you find a way to get through this very difficult time.


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