March 25, 2013

Favorite Places: Legazpi, Philippines

Legazpi, Philippines

Legazpi (sometimes spelled Legaspi) is located in the province of Albay and is the largest city in the Bicol region in the Philippines. 


There is a lot to do, eat and see in Legazpi. It holds a special place in my heart because my mom is from Bicol and I have family in Legazpi. I've also spent some time there and I really enjoyed it. It's definitely one of my favorite places. Here are my tips and some suggestions if you ever plan on visiting:

How to get there:
- The easiest way is to fly. Both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific have 3 flights daily from Manila to Legazpi.
- There are buses you can take from Manila. This is a cheaper option, but the ride takes anywhere from 8-10 hours.

Things to do:
- Visit the Mayon Volcano. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. It's known as the "Majestic Mayon" and is absolutely beautiful. It has a perfect cone shape and is still active.

- See the Cagsawa Ruins. These are ruins of a church that was buried in the lava and ash of the Mayon in 1814. The backdrop of the Mayon is amazing on a clear day.

Jason & Cagsawa ruins

- Legazpi Boulevard: This boulevard is a coastal road that runs from the city's central business district to the port area. The boulevard is lined with little stalls that serve street food and buko (young coconut) juice. There are also a few restaurants where you can enjoy a meal and karaoke. But the best part of Legazpi Boulevard is the view of the Mayon. It's best to catch the sunset from here, which you'll see many people, especially young couples, doing.

Enjoying some buko on the boulevard

Eating street food on Legazpi Blvd. with the Mayon in the background.

-Ligñon Hill Nature Park: If you want a spectacular 360degree view of Legazpi, this is the place to see it. You climb this 156-meter high hill, but the trek is totally worth it.

There are a ton of other things to do in and around Legazpi, from visiting black sand beaches, to visiting old churches, to adventure type activities like ATV-ing and zip-lining. For more information, click here.

Where to eat:
The Bicol region is known for having delicious and spicy foods. Legazpi has a huge variety of places to eat where you can try Filipino food and native Bicolano food. Here are a few places I really enjoyed eating at in Legazpi:

- Waway's (a great place to try a wide-variety of Bicolano dishes) Penaranda Extension

Our spread at Waway's.

- Sibid-Sibid (top-rated on Tripadvisor. They're known for their seafood.) 328 Penaranda Extension, opposite Waways

- DJC Halo-Halo (my favorite place for halo-halo, especially after a hot day!) Landco Business Park

To see what some of these places serve, what we suggest to eat, and other restaurants to check out, watch this video my husband and I made:

Where to stay:
Legazpi offers many budget, mid-range and expensive accommodations. For a listing, click here and here.

Legazpi is great for those who like adventure, culture, history and good food. If you ever make it to the Philippines, it's definitely worth checking out.

For more detailed information on Legazpi, check out:
Wow Legazpi (a really great site with loads of info!)

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    1. Thank you so much, Anne Marie! Following you back!

  2. Thank you for sharing at my link party. Beautiful, on my bucket list,WOW.
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