March 11, 2013

Monthly Photo Journal: February - March 2013

Left to right, top to bottom: Siopao {Filipino steamed bun}. // Prada is such a daddy's girl! // At the market. // An average haul from the market for us-- we go through about this much in 2 days. // The Filipino flag & the sun. // Lala eating coconut-- these dogs really love coconut! // My cranberry white chocolate chip pistachio pudding cookies. // Prada being a daddy's girl again. // A selfie- trying to show off my new nails. // I only lasted about 30 minutes in this game of Risk-- I'm not a big fan of it. // Celebrating JingJing's  4th birthday. // Mine & Jason's collabo recipe: Ham & Chicken Calzones.

Monthly Photo Journal is something new I started where I post pictures, usually from my phone, that shows some random moments that happened during the month. Feel free to participate!


  1. Wow looks like a great month! Thank you so much for doing a button swap with me too! =)


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